Redemption Frequently Asked Questions

What was the time frame to earn points in The Big Install program?
You began earning points in The Big Install from the day you registered through the last day of the program, June 30, 2022. The Big Install program year began on June 15, 2021 and ended on June 30, 2022.
When are the dates of The Big Install Redemption period?
The reward redemption period begins on August 8, 2022 and ends on September 14, 2022. No redemptions can take place after the redemption period ends on September 14, 2022.
How many rewards can I redeem?
Partners can redeem points for as many rewards as their point balance allows. For example, if you earned 50K points in The Big Install, you could redeem it for (1) 50K reward, (5) 10K rewards, or (1) 20K + (1) 30K reward.
When will I receive my rewards once I have redeemed them?
All rewards will be fulfilled within 6-8 weeks after completing the online redemption process and upon receipt of all required documentation. You must complete and upload the required tax documents during the online redemption process to receive your rewards.
What are the tax implications of my rewards?
All US Partners who receive a reward valued at $600 or more must complete the W-9 Miscellaneous Tax form. For Canadian Companies, if the reward is being awarded to a corporation, Partners must complete Form W8-BEN-E. If the award is being awarded to a sole proprietorship or individual, Canadian Partners must complete Form W8-BEN. This form requirement does not apply to the Snap One product credit reward.
Why does a W-9, W8-BEN-E, or W8-BEN need to be completed?
Due to the value of the reward and to meet the legal requirements of the IRS, we must collect these forms from all Partners, as you are responsible for taxes on the reward.
Does the W-9 form need to be completed in my company name, or my personal name if I am in the United States?
If the reward is awarded to a corporation, please provide only the Employer Identification Number (also known as the Federal ID number). If the reward is awarded to a sole proprietorship or individual, please provide only the Social Security number. Please note that the address provided on the W-9 MUST match the address of the EIN or Social Security number. For all other questions, please refer to the General Instructions section of the W-9.
When will I receive my product credit if I redeem it as a reward?
If you redeem your The Big Install points for the Snap One product credit reward, the credit will be loaded onto your account within 6-8 weeks of redemption. You will receive an email from Snap One once the credit is loaded onto your account, along with instructions on how to redeem the credit.
How can I redeem my Snap One product credit reward?
You will receive an email from our team with the next steps on how to redeem your Snap One product credit reward. Product credit is redeemed over the phone. Once the credit is loaded onto your account, please give our Partner Support team a call: US Partners 866-424-4489, CAN Partners: 888-400-4072 Option 3.
How long do I have to use my product credit?
Snap One product credit redeemed as a reward from The Big Install program will expire on October 30, 2023.
How do I redeem a trip or a vehicle? What’s the fine print?
For any trip or vehicle reward redemptions in The Big Install, Marden Kane will send you a check at a pre-determined amount for the trip or vehicle chosen. The reward will be fulfilled via check so you can customize your reward!
What does it mean when rewards indicate that they will be “fulfilled via check” or “fulfilled via gift card”?
You will not receive a physical item for rewards with this indication. A check or gift card for this reward will be sent to the address you provide at the time of redemption!
I redeemed a reward, and my remaining points disappeared. What happened?
Any points lower than our lowest reward threshold of 10,000 points cannot be saved, redeemed, or carried over. For example, if you have 21,000 points and you redeem a 20,000 reward, the remaining 1,000 points are forfeited.
What happens if I returned products purchased for The Big Install during the “holding” phase?
If the returned product earned points for The Big Install, those points are deducted from your account. The “holding” phase is the time between the last day of The Big Install program, June 30, 2022, and the reward redemption period that begins on August 8, 2022.
I had points deducted from my overall total. What happened?
If you return an item that earned you points in The Big Install between the end of the program and the redemption period, the points earned from that order are subtracted from your point total in The Big Install once the return is processed.
How did I earn points in The Big Install program?
Only purchases of Snap One-manufactured products within a Partner's eligible categories earned points in The Big Install program. Purchases of distributed products did not earn points in this program.
How were my eligible categories determined in the program?
Your eligible categories were based on your shopping history. We want you to try a variety of new products and different product categories. Our customized profiles help determine which categories will net you the most points, so you stayed competitive throughout the program.
Did I earn points for products on backorder?
No, backorders do not earn points. To earn points on product purchases, orders must have been invoiced by the end of the program, June 30, 2022, and been shipped.
What happens if I return a product I bought during The Big Install period – but after I redeemed points for a reward? Doesn’t Snap One have a 90-day return policy?
After redemption, The Big Install and Snap One reserve the right to refuse any returned products that earned points during the campaign. See the official Terms & Conditions page for details.
Why do my points in The Big Install differ from my points in the Partner Rewards Program?
The Big Install is a separate program from Partner Rewards. In The Big Install, Partners earned 1 point per $1 spent on Snap One-manufactured products in their eligible categories. Distributed brands did not count for points in this program.
I have added my rewards to my cart, now what?
Once you choose your rewards on The Big Install website and add them to the cart, follow the prompts and check out! Please review your chosen rewards carefully; redemptions cannot be changed after checking out.
I chose my rewards and checked out, what’s next?
If applicable, you may be contacted by our Reward Fulfillment Department regarding your reward. Please be on the lookout for updates from our team!
Have additional questions?
If you have additional questions, review the Terms & Conditions for all information applicable to the program. For any questions not addressed there, please email us at